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    Platform Flashback: The Quest for Identity 1

    The name is 2140, and your name is Conrad Hart. That's pretty much all you recall. For some reason, mutants chase you and shoot your bike down, causing you to crash on the planet Titan. You recover a holo cube you dropped during the landing, and find a message from you to yourself, telling you...
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    Platform Elf 1

    Your girlfriend Elisa was kidnapped by the evil wizard, and you will have to go rescue her. Battle your ways through hostile levels, where almost everything wants to kill you one way or another. You can shoot enemies with your magic ring (use right-shift for that while playing), and collect...
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    Platform Trolls 1

    Baby trolls have been kidnapped (or should that be trollnapped?), and you will have to venture into different levels in order to rescue them. All levels are differently themed (the starter level, for instance, is toy-themed, there's is a media-themed level, an underwater level, etc.), and you...
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    Platform The Blues Brothers 1

    Jake and Elwood are trying to get to their gig, but the police are in the way. Play single-mode as either Jake or Elwood, or dual player for twice the fun (although you need to stay close to one another, as the screen focusses on Player 1). Run the brothers through various parts of the cities...
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    Platform Ducktales: The Quest for Gold 1

    Scrooge McDuck is challenged by his rival FGlintheart Glomgold to see who will be the richest duck in the world. The player will attempt to travel around the world with help of Huey, Duey and Louie, assisted by their trustworthy pilot Launchpad McQuack. You have 30 days to visit a number of...