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Action Aaargh! 1

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Arcadia Systems
Synergistic Software
The monsters are on the loose, heading out of their caves in the badlands
and into the cities. They are coming to cause chaos, cry havoc and inflict
terrible destruction, as they search for the Roc's eggs. The giant horned
ogre and the hideous dragon are out to seek revenge on the humans who have
for so long driven them back into the highlands.

Destroy the towns to find Roc's eggs, take them back to your cave, then
providing that you can beat off the challenge from the other monsters and
collect a hoard of five eggs, you will head off the volcano and find the
golden egg to win the game.

You play as either a lizard or an ogre, and level up to 10 cities. By razing the buildings, you look for Roc Eggs, while carefully avoiding both the human counter measures, as well as natural enemies out to get you. Once you managed to capture 5 eggs, you can make your way to the volcano in order to try and recover the golden egg.
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