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Astro Chicken

Action Astro Chicken 1

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Sierra On-Line
Sierra On-Line
This is the Arcade game Astro Chicken from Space Quest 3. Essentially a clone of the ancient Lunar Landing game, the player will control a chicken dropping from the sky. Your goal is to land the chicken on the cushion marked with an "A".

The chicken enters at random spots on the screen. By tapping the arrow keys, you can control its' flight path, and guide it to a safe landing on the cushion. You will have to ensure it drops at a moderate speed, or it will bounce up again. Hit the ground anywhere apart from the cushion, and you'll lose a life. Every successful landing will grant you another life, though.

Be sure to tap the keys, rather than holding them down, or you will be unable to control the chicken properly.


Left or Right: ARROW KEYS
Flap wings: UP
Reset movement: DOWN
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