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Adventure B.A.T. 1

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The B.A.T. is an ultrasecret organization, originally earth-based, of which you are an agent. The action takes place at the beginning of the XXIInd century. Earth, disrupted by various events, reformed a world government, the C.F.G (Confederation of the Galaxies), directed by nine savants. The known Universe is scattered with worlds having no, or virtually no, topoligical concentration. This phenomenon, essentially due to the type of propulsion used for very long distance voyages (artificial black holes), resulted in the extreme political development of the independent worlds, despite themselves. Spatial colonization currently extends to the solar system and its suburbs (less than twenty light years away, like Alpha of Centaur) belonging to the Terrian district and the hundreds of other worlds colonized by the millionaires (or aliens!) scattered in space and linked uniquely by temporal bridges.

To coordinate the actions of the hundreds of different worlds, an organization has been created, the U.M.R. (Union of Worlds for Assembly). However, significant problems remain and the measures taken by the U.M.R. are often stifled by the veto of one government or another.

That's why the C.F.G. prefers to use its personal action organization, the B.A.T., to resolve problems in utter secrecy...

As a B.A.T. agent, you will travel around various worlds, all different from each other, meeting strange or frightening characters. You will have to achieve perilous missions but you will have the fabulous chance to visit an integral world and to discover mysteries throughout the adventures that we offer you.
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