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Bubble Bobble

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Bubby and Bobby were two regular dudes, just enjoying life with their girlfriends. Along comes Baron Von Blubba and ruins the day by kidnapping the girls, and turning the two guys into bubble-spitting dragons; Bub and Bob.

Bub and Bob will need to fight their way through 100 caves filled with different types of monsters before they get to duke it out with the Baron himself. The caves are platforms with different barriers, which can include barriers, walls, and various other elements that make it more difficult to get to the monsters. The game can be played wither in singe-player mode, or cooperatively.

Monsters can be trapped by bubbles blown by the dragons. However, that alone is not enough to kill them, which can be achieved by popping the bubble by touching it. Should the player(s) fail to do so within a certain time limit, the bubbles will pop by themselves, and the monsters are broken free (and frenzied).

A cave is completed once all enemies have been defeated in this manner. Again, time is off the essence here, because if the players fail to do so, Baron Von Blubba, in the shape of an invincible ghost whale will start chasing the players around, until the monsters are dealt with, or they touch the player (causing you to lose a life).

The initial levels are simple, and enemies are easy to get to, but as the player progresses, enemies might be enclosed in the landscape, start shooting projectiles, or fall through the bottom of the screen back to the top (or fly the other way).

Every level will offer a variety of bonuses, ranging from fruits and diamonds that simply provide the player with points. Other items can and will also appear, triggered by several different conditions. Each of these will offer specific bonuses (pink candy will increase the range of your bubbles, while different colours of umbrellas will allow the players to skip between 3-7 levels). A blue cross will fill the level with water (which kills any enemy, while a red cross will allow the dragons to breathe fire. A full list of special items, their trigger requirement, and their effects can be found documented on strategywiki.

Special bubbles, which launch a stream of water that kills and drags monsters (sometimes also dragging players) down the cave, fling lightning bolts across the cave (which also kills monsters, and thus present a good way to deal with enemies trapped in enclosures), or spread fire across the closest surface below.

Additionally, special bubbles containing letters will appear at times. The player can collect these, and once they spell the word "Extend", the level will automatically end, and the player will gain a life. These special bubbles will appear when the player pops multiple enemies trapped in bubbles at the same time.

Once the players clear 99 levels, they will have to face the final boss, and kill him in order to win the game.

The game also contains some secret levels, which can be reached if the player(s) manage to make their way to rounds 20, 30, and 40 without losing a life.
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