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Centurion: Defender of Rome

Strategy Centurion: Defender of Rome 1

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In 275 B.C. the Roman Republic is established. A refreshing breath from constant rivalry and fighting between the numerous kingdoms and cities. You are a young centurion with aspirations to become Caesar.

Starting off with a single Legion under your control, your job is to reunite the entirety of Europe under Roman control. You can do so through diplomacy, or sheer military force. As your empire grows, your rank will increase, meaning you get to control more legions, and eventually Roman Fleets as well.

Conquered territories will deliver taxes as well as soldiers for your armies, though if you bleed them too hard, they might revolt. Your job is to find the proper balance between taxation and keeping the citizens happy by means of festivities.

Most of the game is set up as a strategy game, requiring you to move your armies around the map in order to conquer additional territory, and deal with the threats imposed by roaming barbarians. However, when you ensue in battle, you will be able to command your armies and pick whatever battle formations they ought to use.

Likewise, if you engage in a fleet battle, you control your ships, and can fire off projectiles against the enemies, and eventually ramming the other ship in order to board it.

Finally, when organising games in Rome itself, you can participate in Chariot races, where your main challenge is avoiding your chariot to fall apart, and preventing your horses from dying from exhaustion. Your opponents might also attempt to ram you off the track, and damage your chariot. IF you're more into blood and gore, you can also organise gladiator fights, where you pit gladiators against one another or against wild animals. Your main task is to ensure the crowd is entertained, by keeping the action in the fight.
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