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Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine 1

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If games are proving to be too much of a challenge, in the old days you would likely be able to find a so-called trainer that would give you, for instance, unlimited ammo, unlimited lives, etc. These processes worked by scanning the active memoryfor specific values (i.e. the number of lives) at different times (i.e. before losing as life and after losing a life), and once the correct memory address was located, it would simply be overwritten.

Cheat Engine allows you to do this yourself. You launch Cheat Engine, then attach it to the proper process running in memory (the game). You can then search for specific values at different intervals and alter the value stored once you identified the proper address.

If you are feeling bold, you can even use LUA scripting to create more extensive scripts.

The site comes with handy tutorials and a forum, and if you get stuck on a game, chances are someone has already created an importable library you can use.
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