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Conquests Of The Longbow: The Legend Of Robin Hood

Adventure Conquests Of The Longbow: The Legend Of Robin Hood

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Sierra On-Line
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The year is 1193, and you are Robin of Loxley. In the absence of King Richard the Lionheart, who went to the Holy Land to participate in a crusade to liberate Jerusalem, his brother Prince John and his cronies rule England. They impose heavy taxes on the citizens and townsfolk, and ended up labelling you an outcast.

You retreated into Sherwood Forest, where you lead a bunch of merry men, stealing money from the rich, and distributing it back to the poor. Upon return from the crusade, King Richard was taken prisoner in Austria, and a hefty ransom is being demanded for his release. His brother is trying to do everything he can to prevent the rightful king from being released, so it's time for you to step in and help out a bit.

Conquests of the Longbow, like it predecessor Conquests of Camelot, will lead you on a quest to assist the hero. You will travel to numerous locations, and have to solve a number of puzzles as well as min-games on the way, while avoiding capture from the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Unlike Conquests of Camelot, Conquests of the Longbow uses a point-and-click interface, rather than having the player type instructions. Backgrounds are often paint-based, with the player and NPCs moving over them. Pathfinding AI is pretty good for the game, meaning you can simply point at a specific location on the screen, and Robin will find his way there by himself.
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