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Crazy Cars 3

Racing Crazy Cars 3

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Titus Software Corporation
Titus Software Corporation
You've just arrived in the United States with your heart set on becoming a millionaire. As your only skill is advanced race-driver training, you decide to enter the Saturday Night Races, an organized tournament of illegal highway challenges.

As chances would have it, you run into an old friend down on his luck. In order to recoup some of his lost wealth, he sells you his prized Lamborghini Diablo at rock-bottom price. This uses up all but a few thousand dollars of your life savings.

Despite your lack of funds, your sights are firmly st on reaching the first Division of this competition. To do this, you must start by winning easy races in Division 4, until you have enough skill and money to enter more difficult ones.
When you feel confident enough in your driving abilities, you may try the Division Challenge. If you succeed, you will progress to the next division. Races become more challenging as you progress, but you can buy more sophisticated equipment and win greater prizes.
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