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D/Generation (EGA)

Puzzle D/Generation (EGA) 1

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In the year 2021, a company called Genoq has been manufacturing bio-weapons. Some of the weapons escaped and are on the loose in the corporate building.

You're a courier who needs to deliver a package to one of the top researchers in the company. You land on the roof,, totally oblivious to the dangers that lurk within the building. Once you enter, the door closes, and you are informed of the situation. You will have to make your way 10 floors down to the researcher.

Every floor is made up of lots of rooms, that typically are not immediately available, or guarded by security systems or bio weapons. Doors might require you to push buttons, or find hidden switches. Once you killed all bioweapons in a room and sealed off the vent they come from (which is achieved by walking over them), you can proceed.

To move around, I'd recommend using the keypad, rather than just the arrow keys, as diagonal moving can help you move around faster. Other keys:

ESC - Freezes the game, and continues it.
ENTER - Talk to a survivor.
S - Displays your status.
U - View and select weapons you can use, if any.
CTRL-A - Aborts the scene when you are trapped and takes away a life. Restarts play from where you last entered the room.
CTRL-J - Recalibrates your joystick. Be sure that your joystick is in its centre, released position.
CTRL-K - Toggle keyboard only mode on and off.
CTRL-Q - Exit D/Generation.
CTRL-R - Restores previously saved game.
CTRL-S - Toggles sound on or off.
CTRL-X - Swap joystick axes.
ALT-K - Toggle alternative control key mode on and off.
ALT-R - Restarts play from the beginning of the level.
ALT-S - Saves game.
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