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Ducktales: The Quest for Gold

Platform Ducktales: The Quest for Gold

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Titus Software, Walt Disney Computer Software
Incredible Technologies, Sierra On-Line
Scrooge McDuck is challenged by his rival FGlintheart Glomgold to see who will be the richest duck in the world. The player will attempt to travel around the world with help of Huey, Duey and Louie, assisted by their trustworthy pilot Launchpad McQuack.

You have 30 days to visit a number of locations where you can gather riches through mini-games. Going to those locations is achieved by flying there, avoiding obstacles, clouds and ensuring a safe landing.

The mini-games include mountaineering, where you attempt to reach the treasure at the top of the mountain, while carefully evading falling rocks, bear caves, goats, Magica and Beagle Boys. The second mini-game involves exploring caves for diamonds and treasures, while attempting to avoid falling into pits, or being caught by the mummy chasing you.

The third mini game involves heading through the jungle, dodging the local wildlife by swinging from vine to vine, and leaping from tree to tree, all the while trying to ensure you do not fall into the water. The fourth and last min-game is rather easy; you simply need to take pictures of wild-life. Some wildlife, like pink elephants, dolly llamas and Zodiak bears are worth a lot of money, so focusing on those increases your payout. The photography challenge does not include any enemies, so it's an easy risk-free way to collect money.

If all this sounds far too exhausting, you can also choose to go swimming in Scrooges money bin, which might yield a valuable coin, or you can play the stock market.

After 30 days, Scrooge and Glomgold compare wealth, and whoever has the most wins.
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