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Dune 2: The Building Of A Dynasty

Strategy Dune 2: The Building Of A Dynasty 1

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Westwood Studios
The planet Arrakis is home to a rare resource called Melange, but which is more often known as "Spice". Spice is the key to space travel, and thus in high demand, and extremely valuable to the empire. The Emporer ha debts, and sees exploitation of the spice trade as a way to wipe the slate clean.

Three families have been invited to come to Arrakis to mine spice. The noble house Artreidis, the rebellious Ordos, or the brutal house Harkonen. The houses will compete against one another, for the house that delivers most spice to the Emperor will be allowed to govern Arrakis.

The player will be able to pick a house to represent, and then be trained to head the resources and armies their house of choice. The game itself is spread out over a campaign of 9 missions. Initially, the goal will be to simply harvest a certain amount of spice, but very quickly will ave to face competition from the other houses, and a mission is finished by complete destruction of the enemy presence in the area.

Each house has its' own unique units and abilities, leading to re-playable missions using different strategies when controlling a different house.

Each level starts with a basic amount of money being available, a small amount of units, and a construction yard. The majority of the map will be covered in darkness, and will need to be explored. More money can be gained by harvesting spice, which will be converted into money that than can be used to construct buildings, units, and structural defence for your base.

Apart from having to battle the enemy, Arrakis is also home to vicious sandworms; gigantic beasts capable of swallowing heavy machinery. These worms are attracted by vibrations caused by vehicles or men, and are almost impossible to kill.

Can you guide your family to ambassadorship and conquer Arrakis?

Dune 2 pretty much was the basis for an entire genre of Real Time Strategy games (including Command And Conquer, also from Westwood). The one thing I really miss is the ability to multi-select units and control them as a group. In Dune 2, you have to individually manage the units, which gets cumbersome at times.
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