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EcoQuest: The Search for Cetus

Adventure EcoQuest: The Search for Cetus 1

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Sierra On-Line
Sierra On-Line
EcoQuest - The Search for Cetus is the first instalment in a series of two educational games aimed to teach children more about the environment, recycling, and the impact humans have on the animal world.

You play the role of Adam Greene, a young boy who recently moved to a new place with his father, who is an ecologist. Adam befriends a dolphin recovering from being entangled in a web. As it turns out, the dolphin, Delphineus can talk, and informs Adam he is looking for king Cetus of the kingdom Eluria. Adam releases him, but Cetus quickly after returns hoping that Adam will help him.

You travel to Eluria with Delphineus, and from there go on a quest to locate Cetus. Along the way, you have the ability to help animals, as well as clean up pollution released into the ocean by humans.
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