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Fury of the Furries

Platform Fury of the Furries

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"During the unsuccessful voyage of the rebel Tinies to the Earth, an evil Tiny had captured the king and got hold of the marvellous machine, turning Sklumph into a planet of terror! Now that they have returned to their planet, these small hairy animals have regained their natural abilities. They can swim (above and under water), throw balls of fire, use a rope (to move about and grab objects) and even eat some elements of the scenery! Only by using your lightning reactions and crafty intelligence to the full can you guide the Tinies through over a hundred levels of their astonishing planet".

The player controls a mix of 4 different furries, each of which has a special ability of its own. The yellow furry can shoot fireballs into enemies and walls. The green one can swing himself across the landscape, or manipulate objects using a rope. The red one is able to eat himself through bricks or other objects. Finally, the blue furry can swim, and blow bubbles to shoot at enemies.

The game consists of 80 levels, spread across 8 different worlds; Desert, Lagoon, Forest, Pyramids, Mountains, Factory, Village and the Castle. Once you reach the end of the castle, you enter the machine (a factory), in order to fight The Wicked One. In each level, you have a limited amount of time to reach the exit, and collect as many coins along the way as you can get your hands on. Every 100 coins you gather net you an additional life.

The levels might contain access to secret levels, meaning the game is actually even bigger than it appears off the bat. You have the ability to save every 5 levels, but thankfully the levels are not extremely complex nor time consuming.

When starting the game, use GO.BAT, as that will allow you to select which language to use. The default would set it to French.
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