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Ocean Software
Shadow Software
Peter Banning, a corporate lawyer, used to fly around as Peter Pan, fighting his arch nemesis, the evil Captain Hook. However, after growing up, the memory of Peter Pan slipped, and in present day, Banning has pretty much forgotten all about his adventurous past.

Hook, however, has not, and has kidnapped Banning's children, and thus forces Banning to return to Neverland. Banning ends up confronting Hook, who challenges him to a proper fight. With the help of Tinkerbell, you must now try to remember your past, and transform back into Peter Pan for a final battle with Hook.

The game is a standard point-and-click adventure, with 5 actions available to you (apart from walking, that is): You can look, talk, pick up, use, or give away objects. While talking using your right-mouse button will allow you to cycle through possible useful phrases.

The puzzles tend to be pretty obscure, but at times Tinkerlbell might be able to offer you some help.
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