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Ocean Software
Ocean Software
Jurassic Park the game is based on the Steven Spielberg movie with the same name. For those who have not seen the movie (go see it!), a married couple of palaeontologists are invited to come see a preview of a private island on which a wealthy entrepreneur released a number of dinosaurs that were brought back to life through DNA recovered from insects trapped in amber. Naturally, something goes wrong when the park experiences an electricity blackout, and suddenly the dinosaurs are on the loose.

You take on the role of Dr. Alan Grant, and start the game after your car crashed within the cage of the Tyrannosaurs Rex. Your first goal is to rescue Tim and Lex, the grand children of the owner of the island. In the first level, you first will have to find a pole equipped with cameras and a control panel that allows you to find some basic information about the area you're in, and unlock security doors. Once that is done, you hike to a utility bunker in order to obtain a toolbox which you can use to open up a sewer gate. Along the way, you will have to find Tim.

Once you get the toolbox, you circle back and enter the sewers, where you find a security key card, and a trapped Lex, who needs to be rescued by means of a floating crate, as she won't just follow you.

Together you then can escape through a security door, ending up in the Triceraptor paddock. The kids manage to get lost again, and you have to find your way through the park to locate them. Eventually, you will regroup with the others, and have to figure out a way to call in a helicopter in order to evacuate everyone off the island.

The start of the game has you watching Dr. Grant in third-person view, but this will switch to first-person view once you enter raptor-filled buildings.

Along your journey, you will stumble across some weapons, which will temporarily replace your standard taser, as well as medikits which help you care for your wounds. There are no savegames, but between finishing levels, you will be given a password (see below).

The pace of the game in DOSBOX seems too slow for my liking, but can be sped up using CTRL + F12. Gameplay-wise, the game isn't overly exciting, as a lot of it is simply walking around to obtain the items you need, or locate the kids. The sewer level is especially tedious, as you have to locate a crate, push it into the water, and then push it along (hint: if you use your taser to push it, you will end up moving quite a bit faster than when you simply just push it).


Level 02.....C37EF8D1
Level 03.....4D9458D1
Level 04.....15AC78D1
Level 05.....13AE78D1
Level 06.....72AF98D1
Level 07.....FDC478D1
Level 08.....9DC498D1
Level 09.....BDC4B8D1
Level 10.....5DC4D8D1
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