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Puzzle Lemmings

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DMA Design
Lemmings became a classic pretty much as soon as it came out. Your goal as the player is to guide the lemmings to the portal at the end of every level. Every level, you will be able to assign different skills to lemmings, which will help them overcome the environment.

For instance, you can assign the digging skill to a lemming, which will allow them to dig through soft material (though not stone or iron), allow them to float with a little umbrella (ensuring they do not fall to their doom), climb walls, bash through walls, mine, block other lemmings and make them turn around, etc.

At the start of every level, you will be shown your target percentage of lemmings to save, as well as how much time you will have to accomplish that goal. Levels will typically have some sort of barrier or obstruction you will have to figure out how to have the lemmings deal with in order to reach the exit.

When a typical on-assigned lemming reaches a wall, he/she will typically turn around and march in the other direction, even if the opposite end leads to a sheer drop, or some kind of diabolical construction that will obliterate lemmings, so not only will you have to focus on dealing with the obstacle between your lemmings and the exit, but you might at times also have to ensure the other lemmings don't end up killing themselves.

Yes, the title screen in this version looks like crap. I assume that is due to the removal of the copyright. I tried finding a non-cracked version,. but so far failed to find one. Buying Lemmings for Windows wasn't helpful either, and the copy of Lemmings available on Windows Store (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/lemmings/9wzdncrfjcdm) is different from the original. If I find a better working version, I'll update the download.
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