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Manhunter 2: San Francisco

Adventure Manhunter 2: San Francisco 1

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Sierra On-Line
Continuing where Manhunter: New York finished, you are still pursuing nasty individual Phil Cook in your stolen spacecraft. The chase leads to San Francisco, where your ship ends up clipping a building and crashing, allowing Phil to get away.

As you stumble from the wreckage of the ship, you find it landed on top of a Manhunter, whose identity you quickly take on, while you continue trying to track down Phil. As it turns out, in San Francisco there's a resistance working against the Orbs. The resistance manufactured mutants in an attempt to defeat the Orbs.

Like its predecessor, Manhunter: San Francisco mixes Arcade sequences with a point-and-click interface (minus the ability to use a mouse. Dying again is not permanent because typically death will lead to the ability to revive to moments before death, while the three game creators offer some advice on how to avoid dying.
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