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Sierra On-Line
New York, and presumably the world have been taken over by Orbs; vicious aliens resembling an eyeball, with two antennas. They forced humans to wear robes and cover their faces, and speaking has been forbidden, punishable by death. All humans have been fitted with tracking disks, but somehow the disks were corrupted, and while being able to track whereabouts, they are not providing the name of their carrier.

You have been recruited as a manhunter, meaning you work for the orbs as an investigator. Your typical day starts with an Orb waking you and sending you to a crime scene. Using a device called a MAD (Manhunter Assignment Device), you get access to sophisticated surveillance cameras, allowing you to track suspects through their disks, and hopefully peace together clues in order to solve the crime.

As you progress, you discover there is a secret society working to overthrow the orbs.

Manhunter: New York is a typical old-style Sierra game, using the same engine as was used for epic games like Space Quest and King's Quest. However, unlike those games, Manhunter will not require you to start all over when you die, but instead will bring you back to a few moments earlier. This does not mean that saving your game is not necessary or advised, though, as doing so will save you a ton of frustration, especially while having to deal with the various Arcade games that are sprinkled between the locations you visit. You will have to throw knives, work your way through a maze, beat up some hoodlums while avoiding being stabbed, blown up and shot, and lots of other arcade sequences.

By visiting locations your suspects visited, and investigating the clues, you will retrace their steps, and figure out what they were up to.
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