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North & South

Strategy North & South 1

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Based on the comedy series "Les Tuniques Bleues", the player(s) take control of the armies of either the North or South, and fight one another over territory. The game features strategic elements, in that ensuring your railroads are secured means getting additional funds which allow you to recruit more soldiers.

Territory is captured simply by moving an army into it. If the state the army moves into is not occupied, it simply becomes under control of that faction. If, however, there is an enemy army present, battle ensues.

In battle, you control artillery, cavalry and infantry units, one at a time. Artillery can move up and down, and fire along the length of the map. Cavalry can move up and down, but only forwards. Infantry can move in any direction.

Apart from strategy, there is also an Arcade part to the game (the battles are one such part), in capturing the train, which is done by climbing the train, and fighting your way to the front of the train. When attempting to capture an enemy fort to disrupt their railroads, you will have to fight and kill all enemies in the fort.

Optionally, you can choose to turn on random events. One of these includes Indians or Mexicans wreaking havoc on your armies. Another is a storm holding up armies in whichever territory it rages over. The last one sees European reinforcements being sent to tilt the war into the favour of whichever army controls South Virginia.
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