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Operation Stealth

Adventure Operation Stealth 1

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Release Year
Interplay Entertainment, U.S. Gold
Delphine Software
Depending on which region of the game you have, you will be either playing as James Bond (US Version) or as John Glames. Either way, you're a secret agent currently assigned to the C.I.A. Your mission is to travel to Santa Paragua to investigate the theft of a F-19 stealth bomber.

The game is a rather straight-forward adventure. The amount of objects you get to interact with is limited, so the course of action usually is pretty easy to figure out. In-between, you will also have to deal with some arcade/action, such as swimming while avoiding getting stuck.

Some helpful hints is that you can use shortcut keys rather than the mouse:

F1 is Examine
F2 is Take
F3 shows you the contents of your inventory
F4 allows you to Use an object on another object
F5 is for Operating things
F6 to speak
F9 shows you the action Menu
F10 for the USer Menu

You will also have to combine actions with objects in your inventory. To do so, you can right-click to bring up the menu, hover the mouse over whatever action you want to take, and then right-click again to pick an object from your inventory.

In order to save your game, when you launch DOSBOX, first mount an existing directory as A:, and then mount the game directory as another drive. That way you will be able to save to A: in the game.
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