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Racing OutRun 1

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Sega / U.S. Gold
You drive a blazing fast Ferrari Testarossa around a lengthy track. Due to the car being a sports car, your vision of the horizon is rather limited, and at times you will only be able to see the road directly ahead of you. The track might turn, or go over hills, meaning that you can never be sure where exactly on the road your optimal path lies. And on top of that, you also have to try and avoid other vehicles on the road.

Your job is to race against the timer to reach checkpoints. Should you get to them in time, you can progress to the next stage, and will get a new timer to race against. Near every check, the road will split into two. You will experience different scenery depending on which path of the fork you chose.

You can shift from Low Gear to High Gear, but in sharp corners, you might want or even need to shift down to avoid ending up on the side of the track.

In order to switch gears, use the [SPACE] key. The Cursor keys are used for steering and acceleration/breaking.
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