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Police Quest 2: The Vengeance

Adventure Police Quest 2: The Vengeance 1

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Taking place a few years after the story of Police Quest, Sonny Bonds has now moved full-time to the Homicide squad. As he arrives at wortk one day, he finds out that his nemesis Jessie Bains (aka The Death Angel) is appealing his jail sentence. Shortly after, he receives news that Bains, in fact, managed to escape from jail by taking a guard hostage.

Hellbent on revenge, Bonds and Bains start playing a cat-and-mouse game that will end up costing both of them dearly.

While certainly more forgiving than the original, Police Quest 2 still is a stickler for procedures, and forgetting something mundane, like pushing a button to change a traffic signal can end up costing you dearly. Oh, and you better make sure your firearm has been properly maintained! Remember to save often!

Police Quest 2 is part of the same bundle as the orignal Police Quest.
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