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Police Quest 4: Open Season

Adventure Police Quest 4: Open Season 1

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You are Homicide detective John Carey of the Los Angeles Police Department. Your evening starts when you are called to the scene of a murder. When you arrive, you are shocked to find out the victim is your good friend and colleague Bob Hickman.

Bob is found in the middle of gang turf, and you soon find yourself hot on the trail of a serial murderer.

Police Quest 4 uses the same CGI engine as its predecessor Police Quest 3, though with photgraphs as background, and video captured animations of actors. Unlike PQ3, you will not have to drive anywhere in Open Season, but rather travel from location to location by clicking on a map of Los Angeles to indicate where you wanty to go.

While the game does not suffer from the same graphical issues that bugged me in PQ3, it does have its bugs. As an example, after going to the shootin range, the message "all firearms to low ready" was stuck in the area where the game provides feedback (I opted to use subtitles, rather than voice)). I'm still not a big fan of the new engine, but PQ4 is more enjoyable (to me) than PQ3.
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