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Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel (EGA)

Adventure Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel (EGA) 1

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You are Sonny Bonds, a veteran police officer of the Lytton police department. A quiet town usually, where your main task is to handle traffic. Recently, reports of drugs being sold are on the rise, and there's whispers a new dealer is muscling his way in.

During your shift, you will encounter someone crossing a red light, a drunk driver, some bikers who needt o learn how to park, and a car crash. As it turns out, the crash is due to a homicide. The plot thickens. Can you figure out who is on a killing spree, and can you stop them?

Unlike other Sieera adventures, Police Quest is a bit more realistic, meaning you have to follow proper police procedures, or face the consequences. This isn't always obvious the first time around, and the game won't actively remind you, meaning you might end up crashing your car due to overlooking to do a safety inspection, you might end up attempting to arrest someone without having your gun (because you forgot to remove it from the locker at the jail), or end up forgetting your radio for a stake-out. Yes, I made all those mistakes, and luckily I saved often enough that I didn't have to waste too much time retracing my steps ;-)

Note: If you buy the bundle through GOG, the default Police Quest to start is the VGA remake. However, the EGA version can be found within the EGA folder in the installation folder.
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