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Puzzle PornPipe 1

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Sexxy Software
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Based on Pipe Dreams For Windows, PornPipe is a game where the player will have to connect a starting point (resembling a set of testicles) to an end-point (the tip of a penis) by constructing an unbroken pipe through which liquid (Semen) can travel. The liquid will continue coming until it reaches the end-point, or hits a dead end, in which case the player will lose.

In the first level, on the left, the player can see the upcoming sections of pipe, and thus figure out where to place them for an optimal path. Every section placed will move the liquid further a bit, and reveal a bit more of a small adult movie in the lower-left section. You can also replace existing sections by clicking them once more, though this can be done accidentally. Sections that already have liquid going through them cannot

Once the player reaches a sufficient amount of pipe, the endpoint will become visible. It can be moved up or down by means of the scrollbar.

In the second level, the entire field has been pre-populated, and the player will have to find a way to ensure sufficient length is achieved to move to the next level.
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