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Rick Dangerous

Platform Rick Dangerous 1

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Release Year
Rainbird Software
Core Design
Rick Dangerous is an archaeologist, who is clearly inspired by Indiana Jones. He dons a similar outfit, and the very first action you have to take in the game is to escape from a huge boulder rolling after you.

You will have to make your way through several labyrinths, the first of which is in South America, followed by Egypt, the Nazi-controlled Schwarzendumpf Castle, and finally a missile base.

I believe the controls are what make this game most frustrating., I'm a pretty avid gamer, but the default controls here are just a nightmare. To add salt to the wound, the game is quite unforgiving when it comes to enemies and obstacles, and there are traps everywhere, meaning you will need extreme control while you make your way through the mazes. At times you will be forced to fall down below the vision of the screen, only to be greeted by some nasty spikes at the bottom, meaning you will have to adjust for your landing while you fall.

Add to this that you have a limited amount of bullets, dynamite and most importantly lives, and no way to really save a game, and you'll most likely end up giving up in frustration. I did, despite having used Cheat Engine to grant myself unlimited lives, bullets and ammo. I still kept dying, and was forced to play screens over and over again until I simply quit out of frustration.

One big help is the detailed maps from RickDangerous.co.uk, that will clearly show you where all the traps and enemies are. Yes, I used cheats and maps, and still didn't make it through to Egypt.


Up: O
Down: K
Left: Z
Right: X

Shoot bullet: SPACE + O
Drop Dynamite: SPACE + K
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