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Sharkey's 3D Pool

Sports Sharkey's 3D Pool 1

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Firebird Software
Aardvark Software
In this pool game, you can compete in tournaments (Both 8-ball and 9-ball), compete against opponents for money, and perform trick shots (or set up your own). In total, there are 7 skill levels you can progress through.

An actual game of pool is done on the table, and you are able to spin around in 3D to set up your shot. The game seems to follow typical American rules. For 8-ball, the player needs to pocket his/her own balls first, and then sink the 8-ball. In 9-ball, you either pocket the balls in the order from low-to-high, or pocket the 9-ball using the lowest ball available in order to win.

Apart from controlling the exact angle for your shot, you are also able to control how hard you want to hit the ball, as well as give spin to it. To set up shots and spin, you can either use the mouse to do so in free hand, or you can use the icons above the table for slightly more control.

Sharkey's was one of the first pool games allowing for proper 3D playing.
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