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Puzzle Supaplex

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Think!Ware Development
In Supaplex, you play the role of Murphy, who resembles a red version of Pacman. Murphy needs to find his way through 111 levels of hardware, and collect colourful ovals called Infotron. In order to finish each level, Murphy will have to collect a specific number of those. Sometimes all, but in other levels just a part of all the ones available.

Initially you won't have to deal with too much enemies, and your main foe will be round concrete rocks called Zonks. These can be dropped, but also land on top of you, killing you. You can push Zonks to move them out of the way.

Later in the game, you will also encounter small scissor-like creatures called Snik-Snaks, whom will chase you. You can get rid of those by exploding them, or dropping a Zonk on top of them.


Arrow keys: move Murphy around
Space: Pressing and holding space will allow you to zap a field in a particular direction. This allows you to either collect the Infotron in that field, or perhaps remove the hardware supporting one or more Zonks, causing them to fall down.
Enter: Hide the information panel
Escape: Commit suicide (when you get stuck)
p: Pause the game
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