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Platform Trolls 1

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Capstone Software
Flair Software, Capstone Software
Baby trolls have been kidnapped (or should that be trollnapped?), and you will have to venture into different levels in order to rescue them. All levels are differently themed (the starter level, for instance, is toy-themed, there's is a media-themed level, an underwater level, etc.), and you will encounter a range of enemies. Bumping into the enemy will cause you to lose health, but jumping on top of them will remove them.

Later on in the level, you will be able to pick up a yo-yo which you can use to kill enemies, destroy obstacles, or to swing from platform to platform. You will have to collect at least the number of troll babies you are asked to in order to finish a level.

While playing, you will encounter different letters. Collect them all, and try and spell out the word "BONUS", which will allow you to win extra lives. Beware of spelling BOGUS, though, as you'll be trapped in a level you will have to escape from, or lose a life instead.
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