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Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Puzzle Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? 1

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The first of the Carmen Sandiego games, the player takes on the role of an Interpol investigator charged with retrieving stolen antiquities and other objects. Starting off as a rookie, you will receive a mission to recover an object stolen by a criminal in Carmen Sandiegos gang. You have a week (in-game time) to catch the criminal. Time is consumed by investigating, travelling, and sleeping.

The initial information you receive is sparse, and typically the player will have to investigate in order to obtain additional clues. These clues serve two purposes; it will provide hints as to the next location of the criminal, as well as offer a description of the criminal.

The location is important, because typically the criminal will move around the world (hence the title of the game), and there are multiple locations to go from every city. The hints you obtain can range from the currency used in the country, to specific clues about the surroundings, or national heritages.

The description of the criminal is also important, because you will need to get a warrant to arrest a suspect. If you end up catching a criminal without a warrant, you fail to complete the mission, and will have to start again.

You typically will receive feedback from the game on whether or not you are in the right place by Henchmen showing up. Once you reached the final city the criminal is hiding in, you will receive a warning in the form of a gun being shot. This essentially indicates that you should ensure you have the warrant, as you're about to catch the bad guy/girl. If you do end up catching the criminal and have secured the warrant, you will solve the crime, and doing so enough times ensures your promotion.

In total there are only 30 cities to visit, so the amount of hints is limited. The game is also 30+ years old, meaning a lot of the hints regarding currencies or even names of the countries could be outdated by now. However, for younger players, it might serve as a fun educational experience.
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