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Apogee Software
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You take on the role of William "B.J." Blaskowicz; originally of Polish descent, but working as an American spy. You have infiltrated a German bunker complex, and fight your way through it by clearing floors and eventually taking the elevator to the next floor.

In 6 different campaigns of 10 floors each (with the 10th floor typically being a hidden or secret level), you take on countless enemies, with every 9th floor containing an extremely difficult boss. In the third campaign, you'll encounter Hitler himself in various shapes and forms.

Along the way, you will be able to pick up new weapons, medikits and food, golden artefacts, lives, and off course ammunition, and lots of it. Most levels will also contain some secret doors, typically triggered by hitting the space bar. Most of the time you will find them hidden behind paintings or ornaments, but it's also possible for them to be hiding behind a plain piece of wall.

Originally released in 1992, initially as Shareware, Wolfenstein 3D was one f the first 3D first-person shooters. IT broke the tradition of more family friendly games, by showing blood and gore, and thus earning a PG-13 rating. While the first three campaigns were originally for free, the other campaigns had to be purchased.

The game itself displays copious amounts of swastikas, as well as portraits of Hitler. The guards will shout out in fake German, which all helps build the atmosphere of a German WW2 bunker. Interestingly enough, this led to Germany imposing new laws that prohibited the display of Nazi symbols; a law that would be in effect until 2018, when it was reversed on account of being outdated.

Cheat mode option (on command line):
wolf3d -next [v1.0]
wolf3d -goobers [v1.1+]

Cheat mode activation:
Control-Tab-Enter [v1.0]
Alt-Shift-Backspac [v1.1+]

Cheak keys (press TAB with key):
B Change Border color
C # of doors, actors, food, ect
E End level, advance to next
F Find x, y coordinates and angle of you
G God mode!!!
H Hit yourself
I Add items to you
M Memory useage
N Clipping toggle (walk through walls) [v1.0]
O Overhead map [v1.0]
P Pause game
Q Quick exit [may crash sod]
S Slow-motion mode
V Add VBLs [v1.1+]
W Warp to level of choice
X Add extra stuff [v1.1+]

Pressing the keys "I", "L", and "M" at the same time grants you all weapons, max ammunition, as well as all keys for the level.
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