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Yie Ar Kung Fu

Sports Yie Ar Kung Fu 1

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The place is ancient China. The time is the end of the Ching Dynasty! The entire kingdom is in turmoil because of the dastardly deeds of the villainous Chop Suey Triad Gang. In a desperate attempt to eliminate the Chop Suey Triad Gang, the hero of our story, Lee The Kung Fu Master, has secretly entered the Gang's castle headquarters - the dreaded Bamboo-Shoot Pagoda!!
In this Kung-Fu game, you take on the role of Lee, who nmeeds to fight a number of members of the triad in order to liberate the Pagoda and kingdom.

You will be facing a number of different opponents, who wield different weapons, while your only offensive skills are limited to kicks and punches. Different moves lead to different scores.

While using a Joystick probably would make things easier, the game can be played using a keyboard. Simply press the directional key(s), and then hit the spacebar to execute the move.

On Arcade machines, the player would have to battle up to 11 opoonents, where the PC version only has 5:

* Wang - Wields a bo, and thus is able to strike from a distance.
* Tao - The master of the flame, able to cvast fireballs from afar.
* Chen - Has a chain for a weapon.
* Lang - A femakle opponent who masteres the art of high kicks, and throws shuriken from across the room.
* Wu - A heavy-hitting opponent who can use flying attacks. Luckily he is fairly slow.

After defeating Tao and Wu, a bonus stage will appear in which you have to hit objects flying at you, without getting hit by them. The stage ends when the player gets hit by an object they did not manage to hit. Once the player defeated Wu, the game starts moves to Phase 2, and the sequence of fighters repeats from the start.

For those struggling, I found the leg sweep to be very effective. Simply jump into the air, then perform the sweep when you land. You don't need to use <LEFT> and <RIGHT>, as the game will automatically target your opponent.
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