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    LOTRO: Riddles Beneath The Inn

    There are various resources online with answers to the various riddles. However, all of them show #83 as the maximum one. Today, I encountered #84: (I take it all in, Even when you sleep. I alert you danger, Unless you cover me up). The answer is /listen.
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    Lord Of The Rings Online (LOTRO) - Peculiar Plants

    For some time now, this quest had been in my quest log. I never was able to locate the ranger Faeron, either on the upper ort lower level. What I somehow missed is that the tower needs to be secured before the rangers show. To do this, clear the Morvuls from the lower level. Once you got them...
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    Lord Of The Rings Online (LOTRO) - Into Naerband

    The "Into Naerband" quest takes you deep into an orc prison. The final part of the quest has you looking for your friend Akhrun, who has been captured. She can be found right here:
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    Lord Of The Rings Online (LOTRO) - A Final Reckoning

    One of the last tasks in this instance is where you have to find King Thrain, who wandered off to the banks of Kheled-zaram. In my case, I tried exploring the area, but the mini-map wasn't really showing anything, the big map was absolutely no help, and there was no mission pointer showing...
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    Lord Of The Rings Online (LOTRO) - A Sudden Rescue - Smiths section

    As part of the quest chain "A sudden rescue", you travel to Gazat-Fark to check up on some dwarf smiths that were captured by orcs. Finding your way to the ground floor, there's one prisoner on the ground, and another one can be found by heading up a long flight of stairs within the area. A few...
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    Lord Of The Rings Online (LOTRO) - Puzzle Of The Moon - Second Plaque

    During the Gungabad quest "Puzzle of the Moon", you are asked to locate a few plaques. The quest hint typically indicates the correct spot on the map, but it's wrong for the second plaque. Basically, as with the first plaque, you are looking for a 4-sides construction. The location for the...
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    Lord Of The Rings Online (LOTRO) - The Foregone Trap

    Answer to the riddles on the plaques. To answer, simply click a plaque, and then /say the answer. A: sundergrot A: thafar-gathol A: Durin A: kidzul-kalah A: Khazad-dum A: Motsog
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    Forge of Empires - 185% thread

    Once your Great Buildings (GB) progress past a certain level within Forge of Empires, you might find yourself invited to a so-called 185% thread. In this post, I will attempt to explain how threads like this work, and how they can benefit you. The idea behind these threads is that participants...
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    Forge of Empires Tips & Tricks

    A thread for tips and tricks for the casual game "Forge of Empires" by German developer Innogames. Please feel free to add any tips, tricks, tools and what not that you can think of.