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    Platform Alien Rampage 1

    You are Krupok, which means "The one who rampages". You are an alien hired gun, and your ship was just shot down. You manage to land it near a jungle, but the ship will need repairs before you can continue your travels. The beings responsible for the attack on your ship are Untharian...
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    Adventure The Secret Of Monkey Island - VGA Version

    This is the VGA version, which is identical to the EGA version, just with better graphics. In order to bypass the copyright protection, you can either use the online version of the codewheeel, or run the RUNME.bat file.
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    Adventure The Secret Of Monkey Island - EGA version

    This is the original 1990 EGA version of the game. Simply run MONKEY.EXE. The copyright protection has been removed, and instead of manually typing in a year, the game will enter some characters, and let you pass automatically.
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    Adventure The Secret Of Monkey Island 1

    In The Secret Of Monkey Island, you take on the role of young Guybrush Threepwood, who wants to become mighty pirate, and strike it rich. You have found your way to Mêlée Island, and will seek out the local pirate leaders in order to full-fill your destiny of becoming a world-renowned...
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    Adventure King's Quest 3: To Heir Is Human 1

    You are Gwydion, a 17 year old boy who serves the evil wizard Manannan. You basically have been the wizards housekeeper for as long as you remember, and you have no clue who your real parents are. The wizard's house is on top of a mountain in the land of Llewdor. Unbeknown to Gwydion, the wizard...
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    Adventure King's Quest 2: Romancing The Throne 1

    You return as King Graham, who became the king of Daventry in King's Quest 1. Under your rule, the kingdom prospered. However, you remain single, and desperately would like a queen to sit at your side. The magic mirror shows you an image of a beautiful woman trapped in a tower in the magical...
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    RPG Twilight 2000 1

    The world is at war. NATO and the members of the Warsaw Pact have been duking it out across the globe for years. Nuclear weapons have been deployed by either sides, and all superpowers, backed by their allies, have been fighting over territory. In Poland, a madman grabbed the power in Warsaw...
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    Adventure Spellcasting 201: The Sorcerer's Appliance 1

    You have been hand-picked to investigate the powers of the mysterious Sorcerer's Appliance which you helped save in Spellcasting 101. There are rumours that apart from the 5 known attachments, there are 6 Even Greater Attachment which would allow its wielder of the appliance to have god-like...
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    Action Astro Chicken 1

    This is the Arcade game Astro Chicken from Space Quest 3. Essentially a clone of the ancient Lunar Landing game, the player will control a chicken dropping from the sky. Your goal is to land the chicken on the cushion marked with an "A". The chicken enters at random spots on the screen. By...
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    Adventure Space Quest 3: The Pirates Of Pestulon 1

    Following the adventures of Roger in Space Quest 2, Roger's ship is floating through space, with him cryogenically frozen in a sleeping pod. The ship if picked up by a robot ship that salvages space junk. You will have to help Roger escape on a ship called the Aluminum Mallard (a clear wink at...
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    Adventure Space Quest 2: Vohaul's Revenge 1

    Following saving the world in Space Quest 1, your fame eventually waded, and you find yourself doing janitorial work again. You're part of the orbital station in orbit of your home planet, Xenon. Your boss calls for you to clean up a recently docked ship. However, as you enter the ship, you're...
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    Adventure Gateway 2: Homeworld 1

    A few years after your adventures in Frederik Pohl's Gateway, a massive artifact warps into our solar system. Nobody is sure what it is, or where it came from, but there's specuulation it could be a ship for the Heechees. A sect is convinced it's actually a vessel from the Assassins, whom they...
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    Adventure Spellcasting 101: Sorcerers Get All The Girls 1

    You take on the role of Ernie Eaglebeak, a nerdy young man who has a crush on his neighbor Lola Tigerbelly. After your father passed away, your mother ended up dating a guy called Joey Rottenwood, who relentlessly beats you (and her) for the slightest issues. You are sick and tired of this, and...
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    Platform Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1

    Your friend April O'Neil was kidnapped by your arch nemesis Shredder. You will have to fight Shredders' army of henchmen to free her, and save the city. The game offers a top-down overview of the city, where you can enter sewers and buildings. You don't have to enter all sewers to progress...
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    Platform Prophecy 1: The Viking Child 1

    You are Brian, a child of the vikings. While you were away to collect herbs for your master, the evil god Loki summoned a whirlwind that destroyed your village, and captured everyone in it to the halls of Valhalla. Odin shares what happened, and informs you that prophecies predicted this, and...
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    Adventure Superhero League Of Hoboken 1

    A few hundred years into the future, the world is in shambles; nuclear wars wreaked havoc on the planet, and tons of mutated enemies roam around preying on the weak. People with special abilities had enough and formed bands of superheros in order to fight back. You are the Crimson Tape, and you...
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    Shooter Xenon 1

    Captain Xod is in trouble, and you, Darrius, are the only one able to help him. You're the youngest graduate evr from the Panterran Ecole D'Espace, and have to help the Captain defend the fleet from the Xenites attack force. You'll have to navigate 4 different sectors in order to reach the...
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    Strategy Tunneler 2.0

    Tunneler is a (local) 2-player game. Both players have a home-base, control a tank, and have the goal to kill the other player. Players start on a random section of the map, and are separated by dirt and impenetrable rocks. You can travel through the dirt at normal speed, or quickly (by shooting...
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    Strategy Scorched Earth 1

    Scorched Earth has you control a turret, artillery unit, or a tank. Basically a cannon that can be adjusted in angle, and power of its' shot. Your goal is to eliminate your enemy/enemies from the battlefield with the arsenal of weapons at your disposal. Your cannon will almost always be located...
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    Adventure Leisure Suit Larry 5 - Passionate Patti Does A Little Undercover Work 1

    This is the 4th installment in the Leisure Suit Larry series of games. Yes, the game is numbered #5, but there simply is no Leisure Suit Larry 4 (The Case of the Missing Floppies). This is an prank by Al Lowe (The creator of Larry), likely based on a failed project. Rather than restarting, they...