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    Adventure The Dagger Of Amon Ra 1

    The year is 1926. Laura Bow, whom we first met in The Colonel's Bequest, recently graduated from university and moved to New York, where she managed to land a job. Starting as journalist at a big New York newspaper, she takes over a case about Egyptian artifacts that were stolen from the...
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    Adventure The Colonel's Bequest - A Laura Bow mystery 1

    Ah, the roaring twenties. Laura Bow is a student at Tulaney university, and daughter to a private detective and a journalist. Her friend Lillian invites her to tag along to a family reunion at her uncle's mansion. At the reunion, the uncle, an old colonel, announces that his vast fortune will be...
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    Adventure Cruise for a Corpse 1

    You take on the role of Raoul Dusentier, a detective who received an invitation to join a cruise on the yacht of business tycoon, and your good friend Niklos Karaboudjan. Shortly after you join the cruise, Niklos is murdered, and you are knocked unconscious shortly after. You will need to figure...