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Forge of Empires - 185% thread


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Once your Great Buildings (GB) progress past a certain level within Forge of Empires, you might find yourself invited to a so-called 185% thread. In this post, I will attempt to explain how threads like this work, and how they can benefit you.

The idea behind these threads is that participants will be able to have their GBs levelled quicker (using investments of their own Forge Points (FP)), and they can collect large amounts of Blueprints (BPs) and medals relatively quickly, at the cost of some Forge Points. The threads work by the owner of a Great Building announcing they have open spots on their GB. These spots can be claimed by people in the thread on a first come, first served basis. Claiming is done by posting the spot claimed, in order to prevent multiple people from competing for the same spot.

The percentage in the thread will indicate the percentage of Forge Points the person claiming a spot will drop in, and is based on the rewards offered by the spot of the GB. Let's look at an example. My Arc is currently at Level 80. Levelling it to Level 81 will take 5,600 FP. First spot at that level will yield the following rewards:


We will assume a 185% thread, where participants will need to invest at 185%. In the case of 1st spot, that amounts to 2,581 (1,395 * 1.85 = 2,580.75). Second spot yields 700 FP, so claiming it will cost 1,295 FP. 3rd spot pays 235, and costs 435 FP. 4th spot yields 60, so will cost 111, and finally 5th spot yields 10 points, and thus costs 19 FP.

Adding all that up, this means using a 185% thread to me would mean of the 5,600 FP needed to level, I'd be able to get 4,441 FP from participants in the thread. That leaves me 1,159 FP short, which is the investment or contribution I'd have to make myself, in case I' use the thread to fill all 5 spots. The investment is also a way to guarantee that the people you invite to your thread will not end up seeing their investment sniped. Theoretically speaking, 1st spot can be claimed by someone dumping 2,801 FP at a level 80 Arc ((5,600 / 2) + 1). Your first spot contributor, though, only dropped 2,581, meaning their spot could get sniped by someone else. This is where your investment comes in. To secure the spot for the person claiming 1st, the owner will have to drop 220 FP. (2,801 - 2,581)).

In order to make it easier to figure out the investment needed to secure spots for the investors, there's a handy tool that is a great help figuring this stuff out. You can find it at:


You can use it to check how much you'd have to invest yourself to get people to invest in levelling your GBs. At level 80, the tool tells me I'd need to add 438 FP myself, and that's the one part I'm not entirely sure about, as I would assume 220 is sufficient to secure 1st spot (as per the calculation above), while locking the second spot would take 107 (1,402 - 1,295), which would add up to 220 + 107 = 327 instead of 438. If anyone can explain that bit to me, I'd be much obliged.

So why would you participate in a thread like this, if dropping FP on someone else's GB potentially means you're just losing FPs? The answer is that you should see this as an investment towards getting your own GB levelled quickly. The best GB to start with is the Arc, which will start attracting attention from other players as soon as you get in the mid-20s level. From that moment on, 1st and 2nd spot are worth claiming as soon as a few FP have been dropped on the Arc, because they will allow players to grab medals and BPs for a relatively low investment of FP. The spot they claim will yield almost the same as they invested, and thus you will find your Arc levelling quickly without any effort needed on your part. At the same time, the rewards you will get due to the Arc's contribution bonus will quickly increase, thus making your participation in threads like this a lot cheaper. As an example to that, a level 80 Arc yields a 90% contribution reward, meaning that if I manage to claim first spot (1395, as per the screenshot above), my actual payout is 2,650 (1,395 * 1.9) FP.

If my Arc instead was at level 30 (with a contribution reward of 52%), I'd take a loss of 33% (85% investment - 52% payout) of my contribution. With every level gained on my Arc, though, my loss would be 1% less (up to level 58, at which point the contribution bonus changes).

My personal experience with it has been that I got invited to a thread like this when my Arc reached around level 30 or so. Once there, it very quickly levelled up, without me having to do anything for it. In the meantime, the payback I would get from participating in daily swaps, or the guild's swap threads and helping others level their GBs would increase, allowing me to build a stash of a few thousand FP. I used those FP to secure the spots for investors, and this boosted my own Arc's development, at times levelling several times a day.