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Lord Of The Rings Online (LOTRO) - Peculiar Plants


Staff member
For some time now, this quest had been in my quest log. I never was able to locate the ranger Faeron, either on the upper ort lower level.

What I somehow missed is that the tower needs to be secured before the rangers show. To do this, clear the Morvuls from the lower level. Once you got them all, you will receicve a message stating the floor is secure. At that point, a door will open allowing you to go up a level. This is pretty easy to overlook, and is why I never managed to find the ranger. Clear the second floor, and finally the third floor until you get a message the tower is secured.

A ranger will then show up. Talking to him will move you to the tower occupied by the rangers, including a stable, Forge- and Relic master, provisioner, etc.