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    RPG Elvira: Mistress of the Dark 1

    Following the death of her evil Uncle Vincent, Elvira inherited Killbragant castle, and spent months restoring it. The idea was to turn it into a tourist attraction, but unfortunately all the work done to the castle awakened evil followers of her ancestor Lady Emelda, a wicked witch from days...
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    Shooter Bram Stoker's Dracula 1

    You are Jonathan Harker, who travelled to Dracula's Castle. You cannot quite recall how and why you arrived here, but one thing is clear. Your purpose and goal is to rid the earth of the evil that is Count Dracula. Fight your way through three levels riddled with coffins containing...
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    Adventure Dark Seed 1

    You take on the role of Mike Dawson, an advertising executive who recently purchased a new house. The first night you spend the night there, you have a terrible nightmare and wake up with a splitting headache. As you start checking out your new place in more detail, you uncover clues as to what...