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Bram Stoker's Dracula

Shooter Bram Stoker's Dracula 1

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Sony Imagesoft
You are Jonathan Harker, who travelled to Dracula's Castle. You cannot quite recall how and why you arrived here, but one thing is clear. Your purpose and goal is to rid the earth of the evil that is Count Dracula.

Fight your way through three levels riddled with coffins containing Transylvanian earth. This earth provides power to undead minions who sense your life-force and want to kill you. Destroy all coffins by throwing holy wafers on them, because otherwise the coffin will keep spawning undead as fast as you kill them.

In order to advance, you will have to avoid traps, and solve puzzles at times (like finding keys, pulling levers, dealing with pressure plates, etc.).

Once all coffins in an area have been destroyed, you will fight Dracula.

The game is handling like an FPS, but the monsters are not very challenging. There are plenty of power-ups lying around to heal you after sustaining damage or running out of ammo. Monsters seem to move very slowly, and not very intelligent either. The biggest challenge is figuring out exactly where all the coffins are, and how to close them.
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