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Companions of Xanth

Adventure Companions of Xanth

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Legend Entertainment
Legend Entertainment
Two demons, X(A/N)th and E(A/R)th have a wager, involving two humans. Both humans will be whisked into the world of Xanth, and whoever captures the prize first will win.

You take the role of Dug, a young man whose girlfriend just broke up with him. You take a dare from your buddy who is convinced you will love a new computer game he just got his hands on. As soon as you start the game, you are transported into the game, together with a companion who will be invaluable during your time in the pun-filled world. You will race the other human, Kim, to this mysterious prize by solving puzzles in the game.

As you progress, you will discover the stakes in the game are actually far higher than you initially imagined, and that you absolutely have to win the race.

The game is based on the world of Xanth created by Piers Anthony, where puns are a-pun-dant (hoho). This means you will face odd puzzles like seeing screaming eyes, which will double as ice cream.

Being a huge fan of the Legend Entertainment series, this was one of the first adventures I legally purchased. When it finally arrived, the first thing I noticed was the Point-And-Click interface, which definitely was a break from one of the things I mostly enjoyed about the previously released Legend games. Another disappointment was that unlike the earlier games, this game was not as difficult or challenging as those (possibly because of it being point-and-click, which really limits the possible amount of options you have when stuck at a problem).

The first release of the game actually came with a paperback copy of the "Demons Don't Dream" book, the plot of which is similar to the game.
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