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EcoQuest 2: Lost Secret of the Rainforest

Adventure EcoQuest 2: Lost Secret of the Rainforest 1

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Sierra On-Line
Sierra On-Line
Adam Greene, the protagonist from EcoQuest: The Search For Cetus, returns. This time, his father takes him along on a trip to Iquitos, Peru, where he will be conducting research in the Rain Forest. Shortly after arriving, though, your luggage is stolen, and while your father travels to the embassy to try and get new passports for both of you, you fall asleep in a canoe. When you wake up, you find that a pair of otters guided the canoe deep into the rain forest, where they tell you they were ordered to do so by the Forest Heart.

As it turns out, the Forest Heart is one of the oldest trees in the forest, and a holy tree to the indigenous people from the Grove Village. The Heart is dying, and while normally this would not be an issue, its intended successor, a small sprout, was trampled. Adam is asked to help find a seedling to ensure a new Forest Heart will sprout once again.

Using a nifty device called an Ecorder, you can find and read more about various aspects of the rain forest, the animals that call it their home, as well as people and objects you encounter. Like in EcoQuest 1, you also will be recycling any garbage you come across.

The game is pretty slow paced, allowing lots of opportunity for children to learn. Almost every animal and person can be interacted with, and most of them will share their problems with Adam, who then has to figure out a way to help them in order to progress. This can range from putting out a fire threatening a bird's egg, to assisting a woman whose baby has been stung by a bee by getting the local Shaman to mix up a soothing medicine so the baby will be able to sleep, allowing the woman to finish her chores.

The game itself is a pretty straight forward point-and-click adventure that by means of easy puzzles intends to educate children a bit more about the rain forest,the history of the region, and the local flora, fauna, and Indian tribes.
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