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Future Wars: Adventures in Time

Adventure Future Wars: Adventures in Time 1

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Delphine Software
Delphine Software
Your job as a window cleaner takes a drastic turn when you discover a secret room in your bosses office. You find a machine that allows you to travel through time, and will have to guide the unnamed hero to figure out exactly what is going on, and in the process, save Earth and mankind!

There are some areas in the game where you need to be fast. In those cases, using shortcut keys rather than the mouse, which could cost you valuable seconds. Keyboard shortcuts:

F1: Examine
F2: Take
F3: Inventory
F4: Use (from inventory)
F5: Operate
F6: Speak

It might also help if you reduce the speed in DOSBox by using CTRL + F11 at times. You can always crank it back up using CTRL + F12

If you are frustrated by not being able to save your game, I tricked the game by mounting A: in DOSBox before starting the game from the same DOSBox instance. However, I also ran the config and selected hard-disk installation. This finally allowed me to save the same.
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