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King's Quest IV: The Perils Of Rosella

Adventure King's Quest IV: The Perils Of Rosella 1

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After being rescued by her brother Gwydion, in King's Quest III, Rosella and her family are called into the throne room where King Graham is about to decide which one of his children is going to wear his adventurer's cap, he collapses due to a pain in his chest.

Rosella, crying in the throne room, hears a voice coming from the magic mirror, asking her if she wants to save her father. The voice is from the fairy Genesta, who persuades Rosella to come to the land of Tamir. Once there, Genesta explains that the evil Lolotte stole her magic talisman, and that she only has a short while to live. Her father can be rescued by the fruit of a magic tree, but Rosella won't be able to travel back unless Genesta uses her magic. But for that, she will need her talisman back.

Rosella will have to figure out how to defeat Lolotte and recover the talisman, while avoiding all the dangers in Tamir, and finding the fruit to save her father!

King's Quest 4 features a time limit, as the events in-game require Rosella to finish within 24 hours. Part of this is achieved by a day/night cycle, triggered by the storyline, where different versions of the screns exist; one for daytime, and one for night-time. The game was created both in the old and trusted AGI engine, as well as the newer SCI engine.
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