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Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out!

Adventure Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out! 1

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Temporarily separated from Patti, who is finding herself elsewhere, Larry ends up participating in a reality TV-show. Losing (obviously) to a hunk, the second prize is a stay in the luxury resort/health spa La Costa Lotta. The TV show didn't exactly go out of their way, as Larry quickly discovers he ends up in the cheapest possible room. But still, a free vacation in a health place must mean there are a lot of gorgeous women to woo.

You quickly find this is indeed the case, and are tasked to help Larry win these women over. All of them have specific problems or weaknesses, ranging from fixing a cellulite removal machine, to finding batteries, a simply flower gift, or some nice cold beers.

Despite Larry's best efforts, all his hard work seems to be in vain, until he meets the gorgeous Shamara. Can you help Larry win her heart, her mind, and eventually her body?

As usual in Al Lowe games, watch for different cameos. Darryl Gates from the Police Quest series shows up as a security guard, Ken Williams, president of Sierra On-Line makes an appearance, and Al Lowe, the creator of Larry, can be seen driving around the resort on an automated tram shaped like a toilet.

Larry 6 is available on both GOG and Steam. We used the GOG link, where you get Larry 1-6 for USD 9.99. Steam also has a bundle, which includes Larry 1-7, and the crowdfunded Magna Cum Laude, but is priced at USD 23.73. Both additional games are available on GOG as well, priced at USD 5.99 each, making that offer just a bit cheaper. If you are just interested in buying a single game, that option is available on Steam.

Oh, and Larry 4 doesn't exist. Sierra went from 3 directly to 5, as a joke. Part 4 is thus jokingly refered to as "The missing floppies".
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