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Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

Adventure Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge 1

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LucasArts / U.S. Gold
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Following his victory over the feared pirate LeChuck in The Secret Of Monkey Island, our hero Guybrush Threepwood finds himself on a small island called Scab island, tirelessly recounting his heroic story to any available ear. However, not satisfied with the fame from just that, he now has set his sights on an even bigger adventure; uncovering the fabled treasure of Big Whoop.

Scab island is viciously ruled by a guy called Largo, though, who quickly relieves Guybrush of his wealth. As it turns out, Largo has the entire island locked down, prohibiting any ships from coming or leaving. In an attempt to get rid of Largo, Guybrush loses a part of LeChuck's beard to Largo, who escapes and uses the beard to revive LeChuck. Understandably, the dead pirate is quite upset, and vows to unt down Guybrush and make him pay.

Guybrush will have to try and locate Big Whoop by collecting 4 map pieces, see if he can somehow reconcile with his love Elaine, and at the same time avoid getting caught by LeChuck. On his travels, he meets a number people, including old friends (and annoying acquaintances) as well as some new ones.

An online of the Mix'N'Mojo wheel can be found here: https://www.oldgames.sk/docs/Mix-N-Mojo/

Please note the purchase link is to the Special Edition; a updated version of the game from 2019. The original EGA version is included in the special edition.

*** Hotkeys
Hotkeys, for those who prefer not to use the mouse too much:

[Q] Moves the inventory up
[A] Moves the inventory down
[W] Walk to
Push (Move things clockwise)
[E] Close
[F] Turn Off
[T] Talk to
[G] Give
[Y] Pull (Move anti-clockwise)
[N] Turn on
[O] Open
[L] Look At
[P] Pick up

Quit game: CTRL+C (Ega version) or CTRL + Q (VGA version)
F5 to save/load games.

For dialogue options, you can also use numbers 1-6 to pick the line with that number.
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