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Quest for Glory I: So You Want To Be A Hero

Adventure Quest for Glory I: So You Want To Be A Hero 1

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The original name of the game was "Hero's Quest 1", but due to Milton Bradley licensing a board game using the same name, Sierra ended up renaming the game to "Quest for Glory".

The Quest for Glory series of games are a blend of RPG and adventure games. While you level up your characters, you will need to solve a variety of quests and tasks. At the very start, you will be asked to create a character. You can pick from 3 different classes; fighter, magic user or thief. However, it is also possible to create a hybrid character by allocating magic and lock-pick points to a fighter.

Most puzzles in the game can be solved in different ways. As an example, outside the healer's house, there's a tree with a nest in it. To get to the nest, there's several ways; you can climb the tree, you could cast a fetch spell, or throw rocks to bring it down.

You start the game as a mere adventurer who just reached the town of Spielburg. The town has been experiencing a recent increase of harassment from brigands. To make matters worse, a decade ago the evil witch Baba Yaga settled in the nearby valley, and has cursed the town. You are greeted by the local sheriff, who invites you to settle in, because a recent snowfall blocked the only road in (and out) of the town.

By visiting the Adventurer's Guild, you find out that there are several tasks that the locals need help with, and that the Baron's children went missing. You can explore around town, but in non-specific areas, you always risk being attacked by monsters. Chances of attacks increase in the evenings, when monsters also get bigger and nastier.

Every action you do typically leads to an increase in skills. So casting magic spells increases your knowledge of the spell, as well as your magic skill. Likewise, throwing anything will lead to an increase in your throwing skill, climbing trees or walls increases your climbing skills, etc.

When you finish the game successfully, you can save your character, and thus import it in the next game of the Quest for Glory series.

Both the GOG and Steam link are to the entire Quest for Glory Collection, which includes Quest for Glory 1-5, and QfG1 both in the EGA and VGA version.
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