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Continuing where Quest For Glory 1 finished, the hero of Spielburg (that's YOU, champion), is flying on a magic carpet with the merchant and Kattas he met at the inn. You finally reach the city of Shapeir, and soon learn that this desert city is counting on you to fulfill a prophecy, defending it from various sources of evil magic.

When you have successfully done so, your quest continues to the city of Raseir, which has been taken over by an evil regime following the disappearance of its' Emir.

Like in Quest for Glory 1, you can create a new character, and pick between a Fighter, a Magic user, and a Thief. Each of those will have their own skills and abilities, and unique ways to solve certain puzzles. It is also possible to import a character from QfG1, and continue growing and developing that character.

Unlike QfG1, though, in QfG2, events are primarily triggered by time, meaning that if you have explored the town and finished side quests early, you are able to pretty much sleep through entire days before new things start happening.

Shapeir also offers the ability for some class-specific side-quests. Magic users, for instance, can join the Wizards' Institute of Technology. Thieves can go steal for the thieves' guild, while fighters can opt to join the Eternal order of Fighters.

The game draws inspiration from the stories of the Arabian Nights, and is filled with puns, and references to pop culture, or other Sierra games.

Both the GOG and Steam link are to the entire Quest for Glory Collection, which includes Quest for Glory 1-5, and QfG1 both in the EGA and VGA version.

The bundle does not include the VGA remake of Quest For Glory 2.
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