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Quest For Glory III: Wages Of War

Adventure Quest For Glory III: Wages Of War 1

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Following your adventures from Quest for Glory and Quest For Glory 2, you accompany the liontaur Rakeesh to his homeland town of Tarna on the continent of Fricana. A world with a major African vibe, the city lies just outside a savanna which is home to the Simbani tribe, to which Uhura, the guild master of Shapeir belongs. The Simbani are on the very brink of war with the magic-wielding Leopardmen.

Both tribes had their sacred artifacts stolen, and they accuse their sworn enemies. The liontaurs are worried about the effect of the war on their city, and task you to broker peace between the two.

Like in the former QfG games, the game is a mix of RPG and Adventure, where you gain skills while working your way through various quests and puzzles. You quickly discover that darker forces have a hand in the conflict.

Wages of War was created because the Coles felt that the character was not well defined enough to be cast into the story-line of Quest for Glory 4. It's the first game in the Quest for Glory series to use the new graphical engine, which turns the game more into a point-and-click adventure.

Both the GOG and Steam link are to the entire Quest for Glory Collection, which includes Quest for Glory 1-5, and QfG1 both in the EGA and VGA version.
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