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Following your unexpected magic summons from the celebration in Quest For Glory 3, you find yourself in a dark cave. Once you find your way out, you run into a lady called Katrina, who guides you to the town of Mordovia. Once again, you find yourself stuck in an area closed off from the rest of the world.

Exploring, you meet the inhabitants of Mordovia, and learn that the castle overlooking the area is now inhabited by strange folks. You also find out there have been a number of mysterious disappearances. You will have to win over the heart of the locals, who are very suspicious of strangers.

Along your adventures, you encounter some old foes, and make some new friends. You also will find that Erana, who you might remember from Quest for Glory 1 plays a major part in the history of this town and surrounding forest. You might also recognize references to The Castle Of Dr. Brain, and a few Monty Python ones.

The game is themed around Eastern European and Russian folklore, finished with a lovecraftian sauce. The game uses the SCI1 engine, and as typical for the Quest for Glory series, features the ability to pick between different classes. The puzzles will be nearly identical, but how you tackle them greatly depends on your class and skills.

The game was narrated by voice actors, including acclaimed actor John Rhys-Davies.


Both the GOG and Steam link are to the entire Quest for Glory Collection, which includes Quest for Glory 1-5, and QfG1 both in the EGA and VGA version.
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